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Summer Snack: Chilli Salted Pineapple

Inspiration Jul 7, 2013

Summer holidays call for a refreshing (and healthy) snack – something sweet with a touch of spice. Whilst recently pondering what to take on a boat trip with friends I remembered something we used to eat when I lived in Sri Lanka (my family lived there for a year when I was 12) – sweet pineapple sprinkled with chilli powder and sea salt. Street vendors would wait by the school gate as we were leaving and we would scrape together our rupees for a few slices (that would inevitably drip juice all over our school uniforms). I made it yesterday and have to say it went down a treat and was even more delicious served with a side of nostalgia. I doubt you need any written instructions for this recipe – simply slice, sprinkle and eat!

I used ground cayenne red pepper for this which is why there was only a little sprinkle (cayenne is quite hot) but you can use any type of chilli powder you like, adding more or less depending on your taste for spice. Oh and make sure you get yourself a super sweet pineapple, essential for bringing out the flavor of the chilli and salt. In case you’re interested you can see some pics of my trip to Sri Lanka a few years ago here – I can’t recommend it enough as a travel destination!

Do you have any simple and healthy summer snacks you like to make? I’d love to hear!

Thanks Dan for helping me with a few of these pics.

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