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Wardrobe Rehab: the Perfect Pump

Inspiration Jul 18, 2013

If you’ve been tuning in since the beginning of my Wardrobe Rehab series you’ll know that pointed pumps are firmly on my essentials list, but since making that list all those months (years in fact!) ago I’ve struggled to find pumps with just the right point, heel straightness and toe cleavage. Ultimately I would have loved the Louboutin ‘pigalle’ but I really couldn’t swing the expense – and in all honesty they look a little uncomfortable. After a while I pretty much decided I’d never get my hands on an affordable pair – it felt like one of those needle in a haystack situations (although let’s be honest in that my ‘searching’ mainly involved the odd look on the Asos and Topshop websites on my phone when on public transport). One of the reasons I struggled was that in the pump department I’m quite particular, there always seemed to be something off about the styles I saw – funny point, bent heel etc.  But happy to say that I finally tracked down a pair on the Tony Bianco website a few months ago – and promptly added ankle cuffs to them. If you’re interested in adding a pair of pumps to your wardrobehead over to the Harper’s Bazaar website where I share my checklist for buying as well as a roundup of a few styles available online.

Read more about my buying pumps checklist here.


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