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Currently Wearing: Double Stripes

How to wear it Aug 19, 2013

Ok so I have to admit that my addiction to any outfit that comes as a set is getting ridiculous. Although on the surface this can be put down to how utterly ‘sheek’ or ‘fa-shun’ the whole twin set thing is (a clueless throw back no less), if I’m to be honest it’s mainly just an excuse to not have to think too much about what I put on when I leave the house (unless, heaven forbid, half of the set is in the wash, in which case it’s time for hand wringing and tantrum throwing). Obviously I’m aware that double stripes take the whole matchy matchy thing to another level, but how could I resist? This two piece by Macgraw has come just in time for the end of summer, but luckily here in Hong Kong the temperature doesn’t dip til December – making it perfect for a spot of boating, or desk sitting while it typhoons outside.

If you’re keen to get on board with some double stripes, check out my post at Harper’s Bazaar, I’ve rummaged around online and found the best options to buy, with budgets ranging from cheap as chips to the freshly minted.

Outfit details here.

Whether you choose to accessorise your stripes with crazy lampshade humidity hair is entirely up to you, but I thoroughly encourage it – in my opinion it gives authenticity to the ‘just got off a boat’ look you’ll no doubt be going for.

As a side note, from what I understand now’s a good time to get used to the twin-set-skirt-suit thing, it appears to be here to stay for the coming fall, albeit in wintery fabrics of check and houndstooth. For those who are interested, you’ll be happy to know that cogs of my DIY obsessed mind are turning!

Images: Lauren Engel


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