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Travel: a Quick Guide to London

Travel Aug 18, 2013


I think I’ve already mentioned how great it was to be back in London a little while ago, but I guess it was more than just great – it was surreal. Surreal because life was so different when I left, because I’ve learnt so much (trial and error and all that) in the meantime, but mainly because I’d forgotten how much I loved cold-busy-stinky-tube-air-on-your-face London. Rather than write a long list of places you should visit, I thought I would show you instead. Feast your eyes on our itinerary (literally – my boyfriend designs restaurants so it’s usually a culinary tour more than anything else!).

In London we:

Stopped over at Liberty.

Discovered breakfasts at Dishoom, new favourite!

Stayed at The Boundary and had breakfast at The Albion

Was intrigued by the Damien Hirst at Tramshed.

Photographed food Had lunch with Shini, Kit and Peony at The Riding House Cafe.

Visited an old stomping ground in Highbury

Wore my travel essentials to death.

Was delighted by summer puddings at The Riding House Cafe

Tried out The Clove Club – impressed!

Indulged in some victoria sponge madness

Visited Whistles maybe 400 times over two weeks.

Drooled at Ottolenghi

Trespassed in gardens in Chelsea

 Breakfasted with my girl Anna

Perved on buttons.

Ate at our all time favourite pub The Eagle (a MUST if you visit London).

Rummaged at Beyond Retro in Dalston

Took a load off and admired new kicks.

Indulged in man sized portions at The Eagle.

Ate a garden on a plate at The Clove Club.

Did a spot of shopping at Whistles.

Perved on perfect facades in Chelsea.

Said yes to dessert at Nopi (best food of the trip!)

Indulged in some childish excitement at Foyles.

Lay back at The Boundary.

Indulged in upside down chicken at Tramshed

Hung out at the Victoria & Albert Museum


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