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DIY Inspiration: Celine Tartan Print

Inspiration Sep 22, 2013

Ok so, we need to talk about tartan print. Not your usual tartan either, I’m talking about bag-lady / long-haul-bus-ride-to-Paris / boyfriend-dumps-you-and-you’re-forced-to-vacate-your-flat-within-the-hour tartan print. Even if none of those things ring a bell you’ll be familiar with the huge plastic thrift store tartan bags that at some point in your life you’ll probably use. If you’ve had your eye on fashion month’s streetstyle you’ll have seen modernised tartan print parading the streets, sent out by the likes of Celine and Stella McCartney. There’s no denying that the juxtapositioning of such a cheap print (something that’s imprinted on my mind in only a negative way – even though I use them now and again) with perfect cuts and fabrics is kinda genius (although pretty much a slap in the face for people who are forced to live out of them), but would it be crossing the line to create a DIY using a tartan plastic bag? You can imagine that as soon as I saw the pieces on the runway my mind started reeling, planning all the things I could make out of a $2 bag, but then I stopped – would they actually look good? Or would the whole ‘homage to something iconicly cheap’ just be cheap without the leather, knitted wool and Christine Centenera’s street stomping?  Perhaps it’s one of those situations where I should just dive in and make something and see how it feels… I know for a fact that a pair of high heels and some red lipstick can make anything look well, okay, but does that extend to supplies scavenged from under the sink, that can never be ridded of their annoying scrunching noise? Or is this a time to recognise the limitations of DIY?

On the subject of the transformation from bag-lady to lady-with-a-bag (or wrap skirt or whatever), what are your thoughts? To DIY or not to DIY?

If you would make something out of a $2 printed tartan plastic bag, what would it be?

Images: Here, here, here, here.


Let us know your thoughts!

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