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How to: Handmade Swingtags

Inspiration Sep 17, 2013

Over the last couple of months I’ve become obsessed with packaging, something I rarely noticed in the past has become an almost addiction – I find myself loitering in the boutique supermarkets here in hong kong ooohing and ahhing over french soup cans… weird I know. When it comes to the perfect package, it’s all about how it represents the product itself, and so what better way to package up┬ábeautiful handmade pieces┬áthan with equally love-intensive packaging? My friend Megan┬á(she of the amazing macrame necklace) recently shared with me her process for creating the gorgeous handmade swingtags she puts on her rope bags, and I couldn’t help but share. Read on to see how she does it!

I have to say that the imperfect design and feel of these swing tags is what, to me, makes them so perfect!

Images thanks to Knots & Knits


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