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Travel: Inflight Essentials

Perfectly Packed Sep 9, 2013

A perfectly packed carry on is a beautiful (and often rare) thing – and can ultimately make or break a long haul flight. Although work commitments have kept me from fashion week this season (girls gotta eat right?), I’m so happy that a few of those commitments include travelling to some of my bucket list destinations (five trips and counting before the end of the year!). I recently got my hands on the most gorgeous calf hair tote from Whistles (the ultimate size for fitting everything I need) and I thought I would share with you my carry on essentials, pretty much the same regardless of whether I’m on my way to the shows or to a tropical destination (more on the latter soon!).

The tote: The bigger the better when on board, am I right ladies? Not least because I’m often having to pack it with the overspill from my scarily full suitcase on the way home.  This tote is the perfect mix of business and pleasure, big enough (huge in fact) to fit in all your goodies and yet with a touch of calf-hair-navy class that many overnighters lack.

Comfy clothes: My motto when travelling is that the closer you get to looking like a koala the better your flight will be. I’m not sure about everyone else but I find most jeans uncomfortable on a long flight and always carry with me a super comfy pair of jersey sweat pants, an oversized grew marl sweater and fluffy socks (socks are my no 1 essential for any flight – in the past I’ve been found 5 minutes before take off wandering decrepit airports in search of socks) to change into once I get on the plane. Call me crazy bag/cat lady but I promise you I’ll be the one laughing in the end.

Earphones: Good quality headphones have a double purpose of cancelling out plane noise and replacing the itchy ones you get from the airline (if you get any at all).

Wallet / passport holder: I use my little Mulberry purse as a passport holder when I travel, it’s perfect for slipping my passport into, as well as a pen which is absolutely essential for filling out landing cards (I’d write in my own blood before being that person asking people for a pen when I could be on the other side of the barrier starting my holiday!).

Reading material: More is more when it comes to reading material for the plane. Since I lost my kindle a few months ago I’ve been using my ipad to read the kindle app, which has turned out to be a perfect substitute for the plane but super annoying during the whole take off and landing thing, so I always supplement with a book or national geographic mag (I know as a fashion blogger I’m probably supposed to be reading russh or vogue but alas). The plane is also one of my favourite places to do some brainstorming so I always take my notebook with me for jotting down ideas for blog posts, collaborations etc.

Stay fresh: I generally travel make up free because I hate having panda eyes, but without fail I always take with me Kiehls’ moisturiser and cleanser (so nice to have a face wash mid flight), paw paw ointment for dry lips, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and deodorant and some bodyshop vanilla (my go-to scent) for a freshen up just before landing.

Sleepy time: The goal when it comes to plane packing is to make it easier for you to get rest, so comfortable ear plugs and an eye mask are a must. I also often take a pashmina or scarf for putting over my face – yes you’ll find me swaddled like a mummy but atleast I’ll be asleep!

What do you think guys? Is there anything I missed that you always take with you? My carry on is always up for improvement! If you’re interested in holiday packing generally, make sure to read my guide.

What I love is that these days you needn’t fly half way around the world to see the shows – you can now stream them straight to your lounge room or hotel room. Although it’ll never quite replace the feeling of being in the front (or standing back) row, it’s a great option if you can’t make it to the shows. This year I’m going to be tuning into  the Whistles runway show which is airing next Saturday at 2.45pm London time,  a tad later in the evening from Thailand where I’ll be watching it  but I think it’ll be the perfect accompaniment to my third holiday cocktail!

For anyone who is in the UK (or happy to travel there), I thought I would let you know that Whistles is giving away two tickets to their show along with a new outfit (need some silk camo in my life!), hair blowout session and a night at a swanky London hotel – can you say dream layover? You can enter here by submitting a layout of your fashion week essentials!

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