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Wardrobe Rehab: Leather Moto Jacket Four Ways

How to wear it Sep 12, 2013

Some of you will remember that almost a year ago now I committed to a new approach to shopping – namely¬†creating four outfits in my head before investing in an item. Although there have been a few pieces this year I’ve bought without sticking to this rule, on the whole my shopping has been guided by this principle, and a much better closet has resulted. Instead of buying pieces that only go with a few items in my wardrobe, I’ve found that on the whole my new purchases are much more versatile.

When it comes to updating your wardrobe for the Autumn/Winter season, nothing says prepared like the buying of a leather jacket (even though I won’t be wearing mine here in Hong Kong for a little while yet). Up until a few years ago I had never even owned a leather jacket, when we first got together my boyfriend was surprised (although I have to say that the super cool hooded version he owned was barely useful in the subtropical climate we lived in) and he very kindly bought me one for my birthday, a tan one from Zara I still use. Something I barely missed before I had it suddenly became a staple in my wardrobe (it helped we moved to London), worn every single day without fail and layered when the weather got really cold. ¬†The best thing about leather jackets is that they last forever so the ones I bought seven years ago are still, although worn in, going strong. This season I decided to to upgrade and got this¬†motorcycle jacket, a little more directional than my previous ones but I thought a new look was perhaps due. I justified it because, well, look how many outfits it goes with!

Outfit 1: Jacket (I also like this one and this one), Whistles dress, Tony Bianco Heels (like these heels), clutch, vintage necklace.

Outfit 2:Jacket, Topshop t-shirt, Khaki parka jacket, J Brand jeans, Zara heels (these are cute too!), Brahmin bag (love this), Asos fedora.

Outfit 3: Jacket,  One Teaspoon shorts, Topshop t-shirt, Whistles sweatshirt (all sold out but sort of like this), Asos fedora, CLutch, Witchery heels.

Outfit 4: Jacket, DIY overalls, Whistles leopard print t-shirt,  boots, Asos fedora.

The only problem I’ve noticed with my four ways wardrobe is that it has loads of simple, versatile pieces (what I’ve always wanted) but in some ways lacks striking, eye catching items like printed silk beach dresses and bright jumpsuits – the opposite problem to what I used to have. And when I say problem I mean in the realms of missing the bus or a stuffed up starbucks order as opposed to real problems like melting ice caps and plastic oceans.


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