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DIY Inspiration: Unconventional Pearls

Inspiration Nov 5, 2013

Traditionally, pearls have been the homeground of first ladies, and therefore not the sort of thing I would usually reach for on a saturday morning to go with my nautical top and cut off shorts. That’s not to say I’m not down with pearls, my mum bought me a gorgeous set as a graduation present, but in the past I thought of them more as a heirloom than something I would wear every day. However, over the last couple of seasons I’ve noticed that pearls have done a bit of a 180, being integrated into designs all over the runways and on the streets in quirky and unconventional ways. The difference here being that they’ve been given a bit of an edge, whether it be with studs, chic hair accessories, as a bar earring or a clothes pin for an oversized jacket – a far cry from they way I’m used to seeing them worn. Time to get a little pearly perhaps?

Images: Here, here, here, here.

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