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Travel Brilliantly: Healthy Snacking on the Road

Uncategorized Nov 6, 2013

One thing that I’ve found with travelling a lot is that it’s super easy to fall of your healthy lifestyle wagon. Plane food, delayed flights, and early mornings when there’s no breakfast in sight all contribute to me reaching for a bag of chips and a can of lemonade while on the road. On a one off occasion it’s not such a bad thing, but if you travel a lot these events add up, and you end up dreading travel because of how you feel at the end.

One of my problems is that I’m a huge snacker and suffer from severe hangry-ness when my blood sugar levels drop (my boyfriend can attest to that!). While at home I top up on home made yogurt and smoothies, when you’re travelling around Asia healthy snacking is sometimes impossible to find – the only constant seems to be Oreos in asian grocery stores – unless dried abalone is your thing. When Marriott, as part of their Travel Brilliantly campaign, asked me what I would like to see in their hotels in the future, I immediately suggested healthy snack boxes in hotel rooms. Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed with natural yogurt, granola bars, fresh fruit and nuts, that could be conveniently slipped into your purse for a day of sightseeing or meetings.

Do you have a few ideas about how Marriott could design their hotels to help promote health and well being? Make sure you enter your ideas as part of their travel brilliantly competition, by entering you go into the draw to win some seriously good travel prizes.

Admittedly over time I’ve become better at travelling healthily, and since evolving my eating at the beginning to the year to something akin to paleo (no refined sugar, grains etc), I’ve had to become more organised at planning for travel and making sure I have enough options. There’s nothing worse than being grumpy and hungry when you should be out enjoying yourself. I thought I would give you a list of my favourite healthy snacks that help to get me through my travels. I’m heading to Japan this weekend so this is great timing for me to get organised!

Healthy Snacking Checklist

1. Fruit
I know there’s loads of debate about how good fruit is for you but I’m in the more is more camp when it comes to fruit (something you can probably tell from my instagram), in many ways because of how convenient and delicious it is as a snack when out and about. I usually stock up on hard wearing fruits like apples and oranges when I first arrive in a city, and then chuck a few in my travel bag every day for a snack between meals, and also load up on strawberries and berries when I can.

2. Granola bars
Store bought ones can have a load of sugar in them, so if I get the chance I make honey nut bars (grain free!) at home before I leave. These actually got me through the paleo snack wasteland that was our recent trip to Yangshou.

3. Nuts
Nuts are great for giving me energy and protein while I’m on the road, and they don’t spoil so they’re the sort of thing you can have in your handbag for a week, something to munch on when your blood sugar dips. I personally like roasted (but not salted) almonds and cashews to which I add some dried fruit like raisons, apricots or something like that to mix it up a bit. When in a pinch and desperate for a snack, I am happy to scoff a handful of salted nuts from a service station.

4. Carrot Sticks & Salsa
When I was younger my mum used to make me eat carrots when I wanted something sweet, and although as an 8 year old with a serious sweet tooth this felt like a punishment worse than death, I have since come around to the humble carrot as a snack. A simple salsa (although often with some sugar in it) is a great option to spice a carrot stick.

5. Honey
Since moving away from refined sugars (in 99% of occasions – birthday cake is a non negotiable, even if it’s not my own birthday) , I have come to be addicted to honey. These days I always have one of those mini honey pots in my handbag so that when the tea comes out I can have a little pick me up.

6. Natural yogurt & honey (with nut granola)
Speaking of honey, I always hit the local supermarket when I travel to find a natural pot set yogurt (usually my fingers are tightly crossed on this one), to which I add some fruit and honey – and maybe even some of my home made nut granola if I am organised enough to make it beforehand – in a tupperwear container when I have an early start. Perfect breakfast on the go!

7. Apricot Balls
You may remember my apricot balls – made with Coconut, almonds and dried apricots, they’re the perfect snack to make before you go away. They should usually get you through the nibbles for the first few days.

Do you have any healthy snacks that you nibble on while travelling?



Let us know your thoughts!

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