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Packing: Capsule Wardrobe

How to wear it Nov 27, 2013

packing for a holiday

One of the benefits of living in Hong Kong is that I find myself travelling regularly for weekend stays in other cities in Asia. Often a mix of working and sightseeing, I’ve learnt over time that there’s nothing worse than an overstuffed suitcase that you have to trawl through to find what you need. What I’ve also come to realise is that even if you do take that jam packed suitcase with you, chances are you’ll pretty much only wear a small handful of outfits. There’s so few opportunities to change and, well, who can be bothered when there are so many other fun things to do?

Bearing that in mind, these days I travel with a tightly edited collection of pieces, the worlds smallest capsule wardrobe in fact, perfect for no fuss carry on travel. When packing, I focus on versatile items that all complement each other, so as to increase the number of outfit options contained within a few select pieces of clothing. That means picking pieces that don’t clash in terms of colour or print.

I find that a simple palette of black, white, blue and denim is a failsafe combination, with the benefit of working well with the odd print you like to throw in (a touch of leopard with be perfect in this capsule wardrobe – perhaps a holiday purchase?). I take a mix of separates that all work together, as well as one dependable black dress for a night out.

Footwear is another area that can be tricky to pack, we all like to have options when it comes to what we wear on our feet right?  After one too many trips of weighing my suitcase down with 7 pairs of shoes, these days I try to go for a  formula of something comfy, something cute, and something high. The ‘something comfy’ is perhaps the most important pair of shoes you’ll take, and if you can find a pair that’s both cute and comfy, like these leather mesh trainers, you’re guaranteed to have a great trip!

My other absolute essential is a striped breton style top, which adds a touch of Parisian chic to every outfit, and can be worn with practically anything.

I used to always forget my chargers when I travelled, and even if I remembered them they usually ended up in a scary tangle in my suitcase. Recently I’ve started making  super simple (and quick) cord organisers using a piece of cardboard and tape, folding over the cords so they’re ready to be used as soon as you arrive. In this case I used a recycled hang tag, it worked perfectly!

Creating the perfect capsule wardrobe for travelling has also taught me a lot about my everyday clothing choices, and how versatile pieces are infinitely more wearable, wouldn’t you agree? Happy travels!

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