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DIY Inspo: Chained Boots

Inspiration Jan 13, 2014

And just like that I’m back in Hong Kong, plunged headfirst into winter and the rugged up outfit requirements that go with it. Sayonara sun, surf and sandy feet! I was getting sick of you anyways… (umm not really).  To get back into the spirit of the cooler months I’ve been on the lookout for DIY inspiration for my favourite winter staple – the ankle boot. This season I didn’t have to look very far at all to find the ultimate inspiration –  chained boots. What’s not to love, particularly when it’s clear that Chanel, Givenchy and Alexander Wang are just as on board as I am (or is it the other way around?). Stay tuned for my super simple DIY (you can stock up on your supplies here).

Images: Here, here, here, here.


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