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DIY Rope Wrapped Mason jar Lights

DIY Projects Jan 27, 2014

As some of you may have noticed, in the last few years my interests have evolved from fashion DIYs to a mix of interiors and fashion. It could be a product of getting older (although I’m not up to ‘nesting’ just yet), although it’s more likely due to my boyfriend and I working more closely together than we have in the past (we pretty much sit back to back in the office). As an interior designer (mainly restaurants recently), he’s always coming across super cool DIY ideas for the spaces he designs. Sadly for me, usually the short timeframes for his projects don’t give me a chance to get crafty (in Hong Kong restuarants are designed and built in like, a week), but on one of his recent projects,¬†Fish & Meat,¬†I got the chance to get DIYing! The restaurant was designed with a slight Scandinavian feel, rustic but clean and minimal, ¬†and Ben got me onboard to create some rope wrapped mason jar lights to go above each of the tables.

In all honesty, this was one of the most daunting projects I’ve embarked on, for a multitude of reasons. 1. These had to stand the test of time and daily use 2. everyone who went to the restaurant would see them, and finally 3.¬†because I had to make 20+ in a super short time. And so with a whole lot of elbow grease¬†(and a few moments where I thought they wouldn’t work at all) ¬†I managed to put them together. Success! Read on to see how to make your own.

You need:

  • rope
  • mason jars
  • plug in light fixtures with a 25w bulb
  • super glue that dried clear
  • a skewer

1. Start by cleaning the jar and then adding some glue around the top.

2. Use the skewer to spread the glue about two thirds of the way down.

3. Start wrapping the mason jar with rope.

4. Make sure to wrap the rope tightly and press down.

5. Once you get to the edge of the glue, snip the end.

6. Add some extra glue to the end and press down.

7. Take the top of the mason jar lid off (that’s what’s so great about mason jars!). Hopefully the light fixture will fit properly inside the lid, if it doesn’t you may have to glue it in to keep it secure. We used 25w bulbs for this project so they don’t heat up too much, I left one on all day and it didn’t heat the jar up at all. I would perhaps also suggest drilling holes into the lid if you want to use a brighter bulb so the heat can escape, but it’s probably easier to use a low wattage bulb.

8. Put the light into the mason jar. Done!

I then made another 19. Yay! (as in, it took 5 hours).

How good do they look (ok, ok, it’s probably got more to do with the amazing decor). If you haven’t had a chance to check out Fish & Meat, you definitely should – everything about it is amazing.


Let us know your thoughts!

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