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DIY Jeweled Clutch

DIY Style Mar 26, 2014

Greetings from Brisbane! In case you haven’t caught up on instagram lately, I’m feeling pretty lucky to have spent the last few days exploring Bali, beach hopping, paddy field wandering and stray dog running (away from that is). An idyllic trip came to an abrupt end last night with the chaos and queues of Denpasar Airport – a seething humanity that served as great reminder that life isn’t all fresh pineapple juice and afternoon naps. Back to reality!

You need:

  • Some rhinestones
  • Glue
  • a Box clutch
  • a skewer

This is a fairly simple project, and for me the fun lies in laying out your jewels and experimenting with patterns. There are so many great options – I made sure to include a bunch of different stones so you can play around with the design and make it! A good idea is to place your design out without any glue on it, this allows you to see what the design will be like before committing.

How to:

1. Put some glue on a piece of paper and then use your skewer to put a layer of glue onto the back of the big central rhinestone.

2.  The big metallic stone is a great one to base the design on. In the blue version I put it vertical and in the pink version I put it horizontal – it’s up to you!

3. Add your stones in patterns all the way around, making sure to press them down securely so that they don’t fall off when you’re using it. You can make your design as intricate to pared back as you chose, personally I liked it to have lots of stones so went with a more intricate design, but each to their own!



Let us know your thoughts!

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