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DIY Pearl Sunglass Strap

DIY Style Mar 11, 2014

My affair with everything pearly continues, first it was the earrings and now I’ve graduated to a summer essential accessory – the  sunglass strap. I spied a little bit of inspiration on Pinterest (and tracked it down to here) a little while ago and, although at first glace the pearl sunglass attachment reminded me a little of my grandmother and her backgammon playing friends, once again this pearly number grew on me (much like mold on the walls of a Hong Kong apartment!). After a while I found myself itching to create something similar, I figured as long as I wore it sans twin set and ladies bermuda shorts I wouldn’t have to worry about being herded onto a mini bus bound for the shopping centre with all the other old biddies. But only time will tell!

You need:

  • Some black rope
  • Small pearls (I used 1cm ones)
  • Sunglass strap rubber findings
  • 2 silver ends caps
  • glue
  • scissors
  • white cord

1. Cut two pieces of leather cord roughly 25cm (10 in) each.

2. Tie the strap findings onto the leather cord, leaving a 2.5cm (1 in) tai of cord after the knot.

3. Thread the pearls onto the cord. Keep going until both are filled all the way with pearls.

4. Tie the end cap onto the end.

5. For a more tidy finish, thread the end of the leather cord through the pearls along the other side of the cord.

6. Do that to both.

7.  Put some glue into the end caps.

8. Push the rope into the end cap.

9. Allow to dry overnight.


Photo of me by Marion and Ana.


Let us know your thoughts!

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