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DIY Spring Floral Headpiece

DIY Style Mar 31, 2014

I have to admit to hair being my last priority when it comes to getting ready. One reason for this is no doubt the crazy humidity in Hong Kong which turns your hair into a Fran Drescher style bouffant within a minute of leaving the house, which leads me to generally adopt  the hair-in-a-bun-with-lethal-amounts-of-hairspray situation. Although 90% of the time this works for me (particularly when I’m just hanging in the studio), there are times when it’s nice to do something a little bit special, which is where this amazing floral headband Gemma and I created comes in. Surprisingly easy and not requiring all that many flowers, it’s the perfect accessory for a Spring picnic, or for when you’re hosting a party and have flowers on hand (or even better, for the day after when you need a little bit of sunshine in your life).

You need:

  • A bunch of florals – Gemma suggests picking a few round full blooms like roses or ranunculus and and a few longer ones and then a few smaller finer flowers as filler. This will help you create lots of colour and texture in your piece.
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors (I love these bonsai ones)
  • Bobby pins

How to:

1. Start by snipping your flowers down to about 5cm (2 inch) long stalks.

2. Do that for all of your flowers.

3. To begin, start by wiring together two flowers along the stalks.

4. Keep wiring them together, alternating the different flower types so that you have lots of texture, differing colours and no gaps.

5. Rather than creating a simple string of flowers, we started with one strand and then thickened the headpiece out by adding more flowers in width to create a more dramatic headpiece shape. Having said that, you can create whatever shape you want for this style.

6. To check whether the length is right as you start adding more, hold it up o your head to decide how many flowers to add – we decided to do mine on the one side of my head but you can all the way around if you like – it’s really up to you!

7. I then created a very simple up do using pins (kinda similar to this) and then pinned the headpiece in. So easy!

What I’ve learnt from Gemma is that floral wire can be used for soooo many fun projects, this is clearly just the beginning.

Stay tuned for more floral collaborations with Gemma and I (I love having her in the office because she always leaves so many nice florals!)


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