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DIY Studded Sandals

DIY Style Apr 25, 2014

If there was an equivalent DIY project to Jamie’s 15 minute meals, these studded sandals would be it. Armed with the right ingredients, and a little bit of elbow geese (as well as a steady hand – a stab with a dart awl is soooo not fun!), I swear pretty anyone could make these happen. And who doesn’t love a project that satisfies in less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea? Perfect for wearing to the beach, to work (if you work in one of those hip places where the meeting room has a ping pong table) or to the Garden Centre!

You need:

  • A pair of sandals (these, these, these, these, or these would work)
  • Studs with screw on bases (these are the ones I used)
  • A dart awl

How to:

1. Work out how many studs you want to put on your flats. I used 9 on each shoe, lining them up so the edges were flat to check. Once you’ve decided, use the dart awl to puncture the leather in the strap.

2. Press the screw up from underneath.

3. Screw the top down, making sure to do it very tightly (you can even use a screw driver for this) so that the studs don’t come loose.

4. Continue all the way up.



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