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A Quick Trip to Bali

Travel Apr 9, 2014

travel guide to bali

You know those holidays that are so perfect* you struggle to put them into words? Well my recent trip to Bali was one of those. Friends and family keep asking me how it was and all I can muster is ‘ahhh, it was pretty good’ – while inside my brain struggles with appropriate collections of adjectives that won’t sound made up or utterly ludicrous. In a nutshell, I was lucky enough to experience the gorgeousness that is Bali with The Luxe Nomad, Vamastyle and my friend Jasmin. Although some people shy away from Bali as it has a reputation for being a playground for boozy tourists, what I found once again on this brief trip (after seeing it from top to bottom a few years ago with my mum) is that as soon as you step out of the touristy areas of  Kuta, you’re rewarded with gorgeous beaches, serene paddy fields and the sweetest people you will ever meet. Every vista in Bali is photo worthy, not to mention the gorgeous Villa we stayed in – I can’t understate how many photos get taken when two bloggers go on holidays together. Snap snap snap boom! (That’s the sound of my iPhone exploding). Here are a few pics of my trip as well as a few mustn’t miss tips!

*Perfect aside from being chased by a mean looking mob of dogs while out on a walk, but who doesn’t love a bit of adrenaline on an otherwise relaxing holiday?

Shoutout to Jasmine (once again) who created the gorgeous typography for this post.

Frangipanis, a turquoise pool and bikinis that leave no strap marks – perfection!

The Mr Zimmi store in Seminyak | lunchtime margaritas at Motel Mexicola

The first round of our five course breakfasts at Villa Sungai – we were waddling by the last day!

Our quiet little Villa Sungai

Seminyak wanderings.

Sunset drinks at Rock Bar

Have you ever seen so many shades of blue?

Happiness found.

In love with the diverse landscapes of Bali.

Rock Bar.

It’s never too early for mango margaritas.

Breakfast by the pool. Ummm pinch me someone!

Beach daze.

Vamastyle playsuit | Motel Mexicola

Villa Sungai.

Vamastyle one piece.

Only the best night’s sleep in this bed.

Had such a lovely time with Jasmin, we could have stayed forever!

Rocky cliffs of Jimbaran | Getting close to nature.

Could you ask for a better place for a tea break? (I think not).

Mr Zimi Store.

Coming and going from the Villa.

The sunset from Potato Head

Travel Notes

Working with The Luxe Nomad, Jasmin and I were lucky to stay at the gorgeous Villa Sungai, our own mini villa complete with the most enormous (and frankly most comfortable) beds I’ve ever slept in. Our villa was located amongst the jungle on the banks of a river, between Siminyak and Ubud – the perfect balance of relaxed and party atmosphere.

Eat & drink:
The food at the Villa was absolutely delicious, and I could have stayed there for the full three days and gorged on their delights, but as someone who likes to eat at least two dinners (per night) while on holidays I couldn’t help myself but try out a few recommendations that my friends has given. Faves were:


There is so much to do in Bali, and when my mum and I went a few years ago we did everything over the course of ten days including:

  • Exploring the gorgeous town (including so many pretty art galleries) and paddy fields of Ubud
  • Snorkelling in Pumuteran (up in the North coast)
  • Wandering the shops in in Seminyak
  • Hanging on the beach at Nusadua
  • Exploring the rock cliffs of Jimbaran
  • Checking out the Monkey Forest in Ubud

I’m definitely going to be visiting again shortly, feel free to let me know what I missed or anything I have to add to my list!

Typography by the ever talented Jasmine.

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