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DIY Embroidered Trip map

My DIY May 13, 2014

If you’ve ever travelled you’ll know that it’s rare for a trip to go to completely plan, but for me, it’s those twists and turns that make a journey most memorable. As many of you will know I recently had amazing time on a road trip in the North of New Zealand (read about that here) and was lucky enough to have you guys help me plan what to do and where to go (you has soooo many amazing ideas here). Although time was tight and I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted to, and our plan changed over and over again as we discovered more of the region and the four seasons in one day weather we experienced, I was lucky to be able to see it at all and thought what better way to be reminded of a such a memorable trip than by stitching it on a map and framing it on my desk. Although some could say it’s depressing to be constantly reminded of a past holiday, for me it’s the opposite – it’s inspiration to work hard and plan more wonderful experiences (even if they’re months/years away!).

This little project is fairly self explanatory, but for those of you who are terrified of picking up a needle and thread, I thought I’d walk you through it.

You need:

  • a printed map (keep one from your travels or print one off the internet)
  • thick thread
  • a needle

How to:

1. Thread your needle. I added two piece of thread to the needle and then tied the end in a knot so that the red line on the paper would be thicker. You could alsouse embroidery thread and a needle but I didn’t want to have to make the holes too big in the paper so went with a normal needle. Coming from the underside, start mapping our your journey, using smaller stitches underneath and long stitches on top.

2. After a few stitches I started marking out my journey with another needle so that it was easier to stitch with the thread and caused less stress on the paper.

3. You can see I had to use a few different pieces of thread for the whole trip, knotting off the section as I went. Not so pretty at the back but it worked out!


Looking forward to doing this with all my future trips, and perhaps even doing it for some bucket list journeys – I’ve always wanted to drive across the US, so what better way to encourage myself?


Let us know your thoughts!

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