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DIY Marbled Satchel

DIY Style May 9, 2014

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m all about the marbled details at the moment. I particularly love the Phillip Lim marble inspired bags, and wanted to recreate one myself. I pondered how to do this for a while and finally settled on using some marbled contact paper on my transparent satchel. A simple update to something I’ve made in the past!

The Phillip Lim Spring 2014 inspiration:

Wearing: DIY overalls (like these or these), thrifted tee, Mode Collective flats, DIY marbled bag.

You need:

  • Marbled contact paper (like this)
  • a bag (I used a silver version of this bag I had made in the past – kit available here)
  • Scissors

How to:

1. If you are using a ready made bag to do this pick one with lots of flat surfaces like a clutch, that will make the paper easier to apply. In my case, I applied the paper to the template prior to putting it together – super easy! All you have to do is cut it to fit before taking the paper backing off.

2. I then applied the paper to the template, making sure to slowly remove the backing and carefully press the adhesive furnace down so no air bubbles formed (throwback to covering books in primary school!). I then used a dart awl to put the holes in the paper as shown on the template.

3. I then folded the bag together using the steps I show you here and added studs. Obviously you’ll skip all these more complicated steps if you’re simply applying the paper to a ready made bag but I found this easier to get a more finished look.

4. I finished up by securing the loops in place and adding the strap.



Let us know your thoughts!

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