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DIY Note Wrapped Flowers

My DIY May 8, 2014

If there’s one occasion where flowers never fail to impress, it’s mother’s day. This year, instead of just a sad looking bunch wrapped in supermarket cellophane, why not wrap your flowers in a pretty note that sums up how you feel about your old girl? Gemma and I recently got together and made these note wrapped flower favors for a group of our friends, and we thought they would be the perfect for last minute gift for mum (or mom depending on where you live).

You need:

  • Some flowers – we used peony buds, freesias, mini roses and peruvian lily.
  • Wrapping paper (we actually used little candy bags we found at the stationary store that we cut open).
  • String
  • Scissors

You’ll also need the note you want to put into the card – we used this one created by Jasmine Dowling. Perfect for friends, your mother and just about anybody else (although I can pretty much hear my mum saying ‘if we’re better together why is it that you’re still living in Hong Kong so far away from us?’ *cue shrug*). Be as inventive as you want with your note – although a simple ‘thanks for putting up with me when I was a 15 year old brat’ is often just the ticket.

 How to:

1. Cut your twine to about 30cm (12 in), 2 pieces for each bunch.

2. If you plan on making few little bouquets as favours, sort your flowers into bunches and then trim to size. You want then to be just a little longer than the width of the paper and note. Then use one piece of twine to tie each bunch together.

3. Put your note and the wrapping paper together and roll them around the flower stems.

4. Tie a string bow around the flowers.


Looking for other last minute mother’s day gifts? Right this way.


Let us know your thoughts!

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