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Do What you Love: It's all About Attitude

Business For Creatives May 29, 2014

This month marks the four year anniversary of this blog!

(Insert confetti blower emoji here).¬†Although the last few years have been a roller coaster of highs as well as lows (champagne cork popping moments: 25 vs ‘I’m under the covers and not coming out’ moments: 24) over time one thing has become clear to me, and that’s the fact that when it comes to doing what you love, attitude is everything.

Looking around me, I can see that the people who are doing what they love display a certain attitude – a little ‘hustle’ for want of a better word which is often a combination of vision, persistence and resilience. Attitude isn’t something you always have either – a great attitude comes and goes but it’s worth investing though in. I for one know the times I have faced life and work with the right attitude, positive outcomes have multiplied

And so to celebrate this milestone, I wanted to bring you my thoughts on the importance of attitude, gleaned from the inspiring people around me and one or two of my own experiences – although to be honest quite a few of these I’m still mastering myself!

A Do What You Love attitude means…

1. You just do it

See: Getting Started

2. You try to multiply opportunities

When someone comes knocking on the door asking for a little help or to work together, people with a great attitude consider the opportunity and determine how they can turn it into a bigger one – can they offer more of their services, play a bigger role, put more of their own stamp on the whole experience so everyone gets more out of it.

3. You provide solutions

When faced with a challenge (particularly in anything consultancy/freelance related) I can see that successful people try to work out a way to turn their response it into a yes rather than a no. YES I will do this for you BUT this what I need to get out of it. My mother, who has worked in consultancy (as an environmental planner) for the better part of her life taught me this – I think it was something along the lines of ‘stop complaining Geneva and find a way to make it work for you’. Truer words never spoken.

4. You have vision & evolve

People with the right attitude use strategy to think ahead and work out where they are going, rather than mindlessly slogging away at the same thing for years on end. ¬†Sometimes it’s important to change and evolve what you do so that you can find new, fresh opportunities.

5. You are resilient

Things aren’t always going to go swimmingly – in fact at times things are rubbish. A choice you made or something you did didn’t work out – but doing what you love is all about trial and error and having the right attitude helps you see that even if you fail a few times, you learn so much in this process. Just get back on that bike!

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Typography by lovely Jasmine Dowling.


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