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Travel: Shanghai Tips?

Travel May 21, 2014

travel guide shanghai

Living so close to mainland China, it’s somewhat embarrassing that we haven’t seen more of it, so I’m excited to be going on a very quick trip to Shanghai this weekend. Although I’ve been before when we first arrived, I felt like we only scratched the surface of what this amazing city has to offer. After you all contributed no end to our New Zealand road trip I wanted to appeal to your all once again for your tips to Shanghai. You guys always help me make the most of a destination!

We’re only there for two days and are on the lookout for any hidden gems – cute places to eat, have coffee, shop for local designers, and  I’m also keen to check out anywhere selling antique furniture. All ideas welcome!

It’s so last minute that we haven’t even booked anywhere to stay yet, so one thing I’m trying to work out is whether to stay in the French Concession, near the Bund or over in Pudong. When we went last time we stayed on the very edge of the French Concession (i.e. the hotel said it was in the FC but in actual fact it was a while away) but didn’t find it that central or atmospheric. Thoughts?

If any of you have any suggested itineraries for two days I would love to hear! A million thank yous in advance. 🙂


Let us know your thoughts!

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