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Currently Wearing: Essential Summer Overalls

How to wear it Jun 11, 2014

Ok so prepare to see a lot of these DIYed denim overalls this coming summer – they’ve pretty much become a second skin. I could say it’s because they’re the perfect shade of denim, but in all honestly the whole ‘throw on and go’ thing is pretty much my number one motivation. They were so incredibly easy to make too – much like this project I found an oversized pair at my local thrift store (once again I can’t stop thinking about who owned them before me – one of the village people? a plumber?) and just cut them off at the thighs, making sure to give them a good wash to get that distressed edge effect. Naturally I’ve been pairing them (the least expensive item in my closet) with the most valuable – a new necklace care of DylanLex, her new collection is to die for! I take them out in the evening by way of a fitted bustier style crop top instead of a tee – I feel the slouchy style overrides the nearly nakedness (fingers crossed this is true).

Outfit: DIY overalls (like these or these), DylanLex necklace, Oroton Camera Bag, Zara flats (like these), Daniel Wellington watch, Theirry Lasry sunglasses.

In case you’re wondering – yes that is a camera bag!  So happy to stumble upon this perfectly minimalist one in the Oroton men’s department in their new store in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, which comes complete with pockets for various lenses. It’s so good to finally find a camera bag that actually looks good with your outfit – without the usual ear punishing velcro or utility clips.

Photos by Marion Tessier


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