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My Outfit: Cocktails and Buckles

How to wear it Jun 23, 2014

Sometimes, amongst the often hectic day-to-day activities of running a blog (do I dare say ‘small business’?), there are little nuggets of sunshine – found usually in the form of the grossly overweight cat (‘catty mcfatty’) that lives in the lobby, fresh flowers (that promptly wilt before you manage to get them upstairs) and discovering that syrupy deposit of honey at the bottom of your tea cup. On rare occasions, you get to do something that adds a rosy glow to your day and has you walking on air – like lunch and impromptu cocktail classes at Fish & Meat (a restuarant¬†designed by my boyfriend and the home of my handmade¬†mason jar lights) to kick off my week styling the¬†Ferragamo¬†buckles collection.

Given that my usual lunch situation is more ‘sandwich at desk’ than ‘neon colours in mason jars’, I knew said outing would be an appropriate place to start chronicling the week –¬†not least because it’s the type of rose (and vodka) tinted experience I know I’ll remember long after the memories of paper cuts and DIY cupboard sorting have faded, but also because it matched the ‘I’ve got all the time in the world’ (for long lunches) and ‘let’s not go back to work’ spirit the ¬†collection stirs in me. Sadly we did have to go back to work, but thankfully the afternoon went pretty quickly after three Farm House Jam concoctions each. Cheers!

Prior to lunch I decided to take a bit of aggression out on my jeans and have to say I like how they turned out!

Stay tuned for the second post in my series with Ferragamo to show you the rest of my week (hoping I can adequately edit out the crazy cab drivers and the 99% humidity) coming soon, or check out #farragamobuckles on instagram to follow in real time. Oh and for those of you feeling thirsty, I’ll be sharing the step by step for the world’s most delicious (and instagram worthy) cocktail in the next few days.

Photos by lovely¬†Marion Tessier¬†(couldn’t find a sweeter lunch parter if I tried!).

Thanks¬†Fish & Meat¬†for a swell time – don’t miss it for lunch (or dinner) if you visit Hong Kong.


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