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How to: Farmhouse jam Summer Cocktail

Entertaining Jul 2, 2014

By now you’ll probably be aware of my love of this pink, mason clad jar drink – indeed it has played significant role in my instagram in the last few weeks. In ode to the start of summer and my love of hanging (aka drinking) outdoors, and my week with Ferragamo, I tracked down the creators of this delight – the guys at Hong Kong eatery Fish & Meat (designed by boyfriend and his company Charlie & Rose) – and got them to spill (in more ways than one). Read on to learn how to make your own, and let’s just say – once I saw what went into it I realised why the rest of the night was a blur after drinking 2 or more.


  • blueberry jam (theirs is homemade but store-bought would work too)
  • vodka
  • lemon juice
  • prosecco
  • thyme
  • fresh blueberries
  • sugar syrup (optional)

How to:

1. Add a generous dollop of blueberry jam to the bottom of the mason jar.

2. Add in a splash of lemon juice and sugar syrup (to taste – add more at the end if it’s not sweet enough).

3. Add 1 and a half shots of vodka.

4. Fill the glass with ice.

5. Top with prosecco

6. Add thyme and a spoon of jam as a garnish.

Now drink 5 of these – you know you want to

Photos by lovely Marion Tessier


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