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Outfit: my Week With Ferragamo

How to wear it Jul 10, 2014

You may remember that the week before last started with a long lunch and cocktail making, and I’m happy to say that it progressed in much the same manner, with off the shoulder top making (a dress version is in the works!),  loads of new denim DIYs,  hangs at my favourite cafe (the internet stopped working in the studio) and a few lunches that were fancy enough to warrant wearing heels (possibly lured by the promise of free food!). Clearly a great week to spend styling the new Ferragamo Buckle collection!

That’s not to say the week didn’t have its challenges. There was the afternoon my taxi driver (whose aircon was broken) took me to Deep Water Bay instead of Clear Water Bay, hello hour long diversion –  that will teach me to play candy crush! Or when the elevator broke down and I was stuck in it for 45 minutes… But that’s life right? All in all it was its usual roller coaster-y self, but I guess that’s what makes the good bits great! Read on for a few pics of the week – crafting, tapping a keyboard and trying to stay out of the rain. And yes, for your viewing pleasure I’ve glossed over the 1 zillion emails 😉


Wearing: Ferragamo Buckle Collection

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I was crafting in the studio (there’s both fringe and floral involved!).

Photos by Marion Tessier


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