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Travel: Sardinian Blues

How to wear it Jul 14, 2014

Often memories of places I’ve been are dominated by colours – pinks when I think of my last trip to Sri Lanka (the half open water lily flowers and sari fabric shops) and oranges when Chiang Mai comes to mind (the temple marigolds and gorgeous sunsets). However, I have to say that my recent trip to Sardinia – wisely tacked onto the back of our Glastonbury adventures – was more diffused with colour than anywhere I’ve ever been. The colour blue to be precise.With photo editing apps being what they are these days it’s sometimes hard to know whether the place you’re going will look the same as the pictures you’ve seen, but for once the scenery didn’t underwhelm even for one second. The blues in Sardinia are like nowhere else, at least nowhere else I’ve ever been. The photos you see, and take, can’t even do justice to the vivid sea and crystal clearness.

Speaking of the colour blue, while I was away I was so sad to miss what looked like the most fun event of the year (see some pics here) with Club Monaco, a pop-up cinema at Sheko Beach to celebrate the new beach and Coqui Coqui collections – designs largely dominated by gorgeous blues and white patterns. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I took a few pieces on my trip and enjoyed every minute of photographing them amongst the gorgeous surrounds of Sardinia.  I took a whopping 1200 pics in only a few days (how could I not?), and thought that while I ummm and ahhh over which ones make the travel guide cut, I would share with you some of those shades of blue – from azure all the way to ultramarine (ahem: cobalt, cyan, powder, royal, sapphire, sky, teal, turquoise… got any others?!).

Wearing: clothing from the Club Monaco Beach & Coqui Coqui Collection

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I currently have a severe case of Sardinian blues, believe me – real life and work pales in comparison!

As one of Club Monaco’s Global Travellers, I’ve chosen some of my all time favourite travel photos which are currently being showcased in their flagship store as part of their Pop Up Travel Gallery, so if you’re in Hong Kong make sure to stop by and check them out before July 16th at Club Monaco G/f New World Tower, 16 – 18 Queens Road Central. Cheers to more inspiring travels!

Stay tuned for my Sardinia Travel Guide coming soon (including how to get to untouched beaches by boat!).


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