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DIY Round Hanging Shelf

DIY Projects Aug 15, 2014

I’ve been wanting to make a round hanging shelf for the last few months, I love the way they’re almost like art when you fill it with pretty possessions. However, I’ve struggled to find a way to create a perfect circular frame for it. Walking down the street in Hong Kong recently I stumbled upon the answer, a large dim sum steamer. Who would have thought that they could produce something more than a delicious lunch? Read on to see how. Spoiler: it’s shockingly easy.

You need:

  • A dim sum steamer basket (mine was 38 cm / 15 inches across)
  • A piece of plywood a fraction longer than the widest part of the inside of the steamer, with a depth that matches.
  • Scissors/stanley knife
  • Rope
  • Wire

How to:

1. Start by removing the base of the basket by cutting away all the woven parts connecting to the frame.

2. Once you remove the weaving it should be a simple task of pulling out the bamboo base. If yours is glued in You may have to pry it out.

3. Your frame should look like this.

4. Wedge your plywood into the steamer. Mine had some wrapped bamboo which provided a natural ledge for the shelf, but if your doesn’t I would also add some glue to keep the shelf in place.

5. Cut the rope to the size you want in terms of how much you want the basket to hang down.

6. The steamer basked will have holes in the side through which the weaving you cut out went, so I simply wrapped the wire through that to secure the rope.

Voila. This has taken pride of place above my desk!


Let us know your thoughts!

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