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DIY Fringed Clutch (from Scratch!)

DIY Style Oct 15, 2014

There’s just something about long fringed accessories that makes me want to dance, I guess it’s the texture and movement they bring to an outfit. So I thought it fitting for my third project as part of the Kookai ‘Make Your Own Sunshine’ campaign to integrate a touch of this ever so now (and DIYable) trend in the form of a super simple leather clutch (made from scratch). Is it wrong that this bag makes me want to shimmy down the street?

Wearing: Top and jeans by Kookai

You need:

  • A piece of leather
  • Leather cord
  • A multi hole punch
  • Scissors

How to:

1. Cut your leather to size, mine was roughly A3 paper sized, and then fold it in half.  Then you’re going to start hole punching down both open sides of the leather. I did my holes pinkie finger distance apart. You want them close as these holes are going to be threaded with leather and will hold your bag together.

2. This is what both sides will look like.

2. Now cut your cord to size, mine was roughly 60cm (24 inches) long and I used 3o on each side.

3. Using a pin or a seam ripper, fold your cord in half and press the folded end of it through both holes.

4. Loop the cord and pull it tight so it secures the two layers together.

5. Do that all the way along.

6. Once you’ve done both sides of the bag it should look like this.

7. Then, fold the top over to close the bag and away you go!


This post is in collaboration with Kookai for the Make Your Own Sunshine campaign.

Outfit photos by Marion Tessier


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