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Weekend Reads #1

Weekender Reads Oct 3, 2014

Excited to kick off a new series on the site – a quick link list of what I’ve been reading/mulling over this week. Some of the below are a bit old but are pieces I love so wanted to share in this first post.

I love the concept of a beautiful apartment that acts as a showroom, a more real take on the concept of ‘lifestyle’. But I wonder, does anyone actually live there? Because it would be a shame if it lies empty every evening (those 20000 count sheets!).

How to be more likeable. You know when you meet someone and come away thinking, ‘wow that person was so easy to talk to¬†and I would love to see them again’… This may be why.

Our studio in Hong Kong is located in an area of dried chinese herbs and fish sellers (yes, whiffy!), and coupled with the fact that my dad is a doctor of Chinese medicine, I had to love this article.

How to be miserable.

I was shocked by the image of Chanel-clad protesters on the runway (particularly given the political environment here in Hong Kong) and Susie put some of my thoughts into words with this article.

Dreaming of this (subliminal messaging through instagram and pinterest is to blame).

I often scour the internet for puppies¬†– I’ve decided if I ever get one it will need to pass the three tennis ball test.

Loving this approach to sharing your day to day.

After watching True Detective I devoured Nick Pazzolato’s other books¬†Galveston

 and Between Here and the Yellow Sea. Highly recommend.

Oh and a little while ago I did an interview with the #GIRLBOSS foundation about how this blog got started.

Photo above via my instagram… Is anyone else seeing a DIY just waiting to happen!?


Let us know your thoughts!

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