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Link Faves #7

Weekender Reads Nov 24, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Cambodia for a few days – a quick stop in Phnom Penh and then a few days in the serene and beautiful seaside village of Kep. It was amazing to get some downtime and do a bit of island hopping.. Particualy given winter is beginning to arrive in Hong Kong and swimming is (almost) out of the question now. It was so laid back that I got to forget about work and deadlines for a few hours – just what I needed prior to the crazy holiday season. I’m looking forward to sharing a few of my favourite things to do there with you, and also getting back there next year to check out Siem Reap!

Swimsuit by Her The Label – on that note this is my first foray into high waisted bikinis and surprisingly I like them! What are your thoughts on the high waisted?

A few links I enjoyed over the weekend and wanted to share with you:

‘Not wearing a bra is my favourite pastime’. True that! NY women drawn their boobs.

Globe makers (insert love heart face emojis here).

Garza Marfa – I want everything now.

I love staying in people’s houses when I travel, here’s a few perfect ones for when you visit London.

The new Ace Hotel in LA is on my hit list, could it beeeee more pretty?

On friendship breakups

Ps… I’ve joined the Conde Nast Traveller team, head over to read my first guide about Shopping in Hanoi.


Let us know your thoughts!

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