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Weekend Links #5

Weekender Reads Nov 2, 2014

It was sad to only have a few days in Paris but was very happy that we were able to squeeze in the Palaeontology Gallery (below) – it has to be one of the most creepy and yet magical places I’ve ever seen. Back in the studio now and getting stuck into a few DIY projects as well as putting my Paris photos together, so many ideas now that the silly season is upon us. Hope you’re all having a lovely (and spooky) Halloween weekend! Ps have you taken a bit of digital downtime this weekend?

Devoured the first 6 episodes of Serial (so late to this party!) and now counting down until the next one on Thursday. Turned out to be the perfect listening while decluttering my closet! If you’ve not listened yet, it’s time to start.

The power of sleep.

Forget flowers or leaves, now I’m all about full trees indoors.

I’ve booked a month in Australia over christmas, think this will be an essential.

Always love Miss Moss’ fashion week round/mash ups – this Valentino one is perfect.

It’s the Hong Kong Literary festival atm and I’ve just seen Junot Diaz speak (so good!), and also excited to see what Lena Dunham is reading now (plus many other authors).

Recently got a few pairs of these new bikinis and have to say – comfy and chic.

A shopping list (or anti-shopping list depending on what you’re about) here.

Can’t decide if I love or hate this hotel in Berlin… Does staying in a camper van inside a building sound like fun or kind to nutty?


Let us know your thoughts!

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