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DIY Printable Crackers & Gift Tags

DIY Projects Dec 23, 2014

Greetings from Down Under! I’ve just arrived in Australia to spend some time with my family (6 weeks in fact!) and it’s been lovely catching a few rays and tucking into a few delicious Aussie breakfasts – something I miss wholeheartedly in Hong Kong. First world problem I know but still… I’m hoping you’re all having a fantastic┬átime in the lead up to the holidays, and not overdosing on family too much! To celebrate getting closer to he holidays, I wanted to share with you some printables I created with two of my favourite illustrators Alessa Lanot and Jamie Catt. Together we created something that’s perfect for your gifts or your Christmas table. Enjoy all the pre Christmas fun!

Download your Christmas Crackers here by lovely Alessa Lanot.

Download your gift tags here by Jamie Catt.

You need: 

  • Christmas Crackers┬áPrintable (see above)
  • A4 Card paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • String
  • Fun sweets or confetti for the cracker

How to:

1. Take your A4 cardboard paper and fold it in half and then half again, into quarters creating 4 rectangles. Cut out the 4 rectangles.

2. Roll your cardboard to create a cylinder, secure the edge with tape.

3. Cut and keep the long white edges of your printable christmas cracker.

4. Place your christmas cracker design faced down and place your cardboard cylinder in the centre.

5. Taking the long piece of paper you cut away before, stick this onto back of the cracker design. If you have cracker paper you can use this but we found it worked just as well to use the paper as it gave the necessary pull factor. Now add your fun sweets or confetti inside the cylinder.

6. Roll the christmas cracker design around the cylinder.

7. Glue along the edge before securing in place and allow to dry.

8. Twist the ends of the crackers around the cylinder underneath.

9. Cut two pieces of string approximately 25 cm long.

10. Tie the string around the twisted ends.

Finally, take your tags and cut them out (making sure to cut inside the dotted lines) and add them to your crackers. Voila!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Thanks Alessa and Jamie for your lovely printables! Make sure to check out all their beautiful work on their sites!


Let us know your thoughts!

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