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Gift Idea: the Perfect Wardrobe Essentials (under $50!)

Inspiration Dec 15, 2014

When it comes to gift giving, I’m all about tracking down the most useful presents, without blowing my (admittedly often tight) budget. Although some of you may think this makes me a bit scrooge like, I like to think of it as getting the proverbial bang for buck – and who doesn’t love that? Usually I go for DIY or  market bought presents, but sadly both of these require one element that I’m rather short on this year – time. Failing any sort of pre planning, I like to seek out companies that share my ethos for quality at an affordable price.

One such company are my friends over at Grana (you may remember them from my traipse around Hong Kong’s markets), who have the perfect solution for those of you who like me a) like to give presents that people will actually use (and use and use annnnnd use) and/or b) are yet to have started your shopping at all. Their boxed up essentials (think tees, tanks and shirts) are the perfect addition to any wardrobe (trust me on this – I’ve been wearing the shizz out of my silk shirts!), and are great for those impossible to buy for people. Yes, you could get your brother another set of golf balls like last year, but chances are he’d love 5 new cotton tees. And did I mention it’s super affordable? Meaning you’ll probably have a few pennies left over to add to your own tee collection… 😉

The best part? You can buy with Grana up until the 21st of December (23rd if you’re in Hong Kong) for pre Christmas delivery, and they’re offering free shipping, just use code ‘SANTA’ at checkout. Even better for those of you who prefer to bypass present handling at all, they can also gift wrap your items and send them directly to your loved ones. Below are a few of my picks, it’s one of those choose your own adventure situations!

For your sister / mother / bestie

Under $50

– 3 x Peruvian cotton tees

– A sleeveless silk top + a tee

– A tank + a tee

Under $100

–  3 x silk tanks

– 2 x silk tanks + 2 x tees

– a silk shirt and a tank

– 5 tees

For your boyfriend  / father / hipster cousin

Under $50

– 3 x tees

Under $100

–  5 x tees

– 2 tees + a pair of jeans

This post is in collaboration with Grana, a brand I love and wear regularly.


Let us know your thoughts!

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