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Lessons in Packing Light

Perfectly Packed Feb 19, 2015

Lessons in Packing Light

I’m all about choice when it comes to most things, but after travelling often enough I’ve come to realise that this doesn’t apply to packing that suitcase. I mean, how many times have you taken a 790579kg wardrobe and only worn half of it? Packing less, and better, has been important to be for years (this post still comes in handy) – it’s about finding the balance between a moderate amount of clothes and also being able to feel well dressed when you’re on the move. I’ve spent the last fgew days in thailand – it’s a 5 day trip – and I thought I would share you what I packed. For this trip I was ALL about packing light, there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing involved between Hong Kong, Hua Hin and Bangkok and a tiny suitcase was the only thing that would work.

Lessons in Packing Light

I managed to narrow the outfits down to just a few pieces (the ones you see below), and have to say I haven’t felt I needed anything else! While packing I kept in mind:

Flexibility: I mainly packed separate pieces that could be mixed and matched for the ultimate in outfit options, And yes I worn a few things twice, because who doesn’t?

Coordination: Making sure everything goes together is key (see my previous advice on choosing a colour palette), but this applies to accessories too. I always take one big bag and one small bag, and take matching shoes so that even when I’m feeling a little crumpled and dusty from long car rides, those matching accessories will give some sense of put togetherness.

Cut backs: Be brutal, you honestly don’t need all the clothes you think you do (as life, as travel).

You can check out my wearing these pieces IRL via instagram here, here and here.

Oh and if you’re loving the clothes rack you can make your own with my tutorial here.

In the travel wardrobe:

DIY bralette, SJ Lingerie silk top, Zulu and Zephyr top, shorts and bikini, Cotton On Tank, DIY distressed jeans, Witchery top, J Crew Jacket, J Crew Bag and Flats, Witchery ankle boots. I also took along my Spell Designs romper and my Dylan Kain handbag, not pictured here. Happy packing!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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