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DIY Scarf Top

DIY Style Mar 9, 2015

DIY Scarf Top

A beautiful piece of fabric, whether it be a piece picked up in a market or this Coach floral scarf (part of their new Americana collection), offers up a wealth of DIY ideas, particularly to a crazy craft addict like me. Although some of these ideas are often totally out there and involve scissors, glue and a not so dependable Singer, others are simple, ridiculously simple in fact. Take this scarf top for example, a few knots and away you go! Bookmark this one under ‘high summer’.

Wearing: Coach Scarf as a top, Club Monaco skirt (like this), Witchery Sandals, Nick Cambell Sunglasses, Coach Bag

DIY Scarf Top

Fold: Fold your scarf in half across the diagonal so you have a rough triangle shape. My scarf was originally was an oblong shape so it wasn’t a perfect triangle, but still worked fine.

Knot: At the top of the triangle of fabric, there will be two overlapping points. Tie these into a knot. You will then have the neck crossover and all you have to do is tie those two pieces of fabric around your neck.

Wrap: The fabric should be tied around your neck and hang down around your waist. Now you just have to  take the two other sides of the triangle and wrap them around behind you and tie them in a knot at the back.

Tie: Secure the knot at the back with a bow, or if you would like you can bring the two ends back around and tie them at the front.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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