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How To: My One Minute Brows

Hair & Beauty Mar 20, 2015

My One Minute Brows

The most often asked beauty question goes a little something like this: ‘what is the one product you can’t live without?‘. Putting aside the fact that it’s probably THE MOST first world problem known to woman (and probably not something men get asked #askhermore), I’m going to focus on the crux of the question, which is really about what’s your favourite beauty product, or important feature, or whatever. For me, I’ve come to realise over time that the feature that makes the most difference to your face is your brows.¬†Really and truly.¬†The right shape frames your face, makes you look more alert and seriously, overall, just makes you better looking. I didn’t always think that – every so often I see pictures prior to my brow-phiphany and cringe (delve deeply enough into the archives and you too will find this). ¬†¬†And you know what, although essential, polishing your brows on a daily basis need not be a lengthy process – particularly if you’re like me and have *very* limited patience when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Read on to see how I give my brows a touch up, in just 60 seconds.

One Minute Brows

You need: A spoolie brush, brow powder (I use the Mac eyebrow shaper palette, which I think they don’t make anymore but it’s like this), brow gel (I use this clear gel) and an angled brush.

0 Р20 seconds: Using a spoolie brush (like a mascara brush, often found on the end of an eyebrow pencil), I quickly brush the hairs up and away from my face, opening the brows and giving them shape. This has the added benefit of making my brows look bigger and more Lily Collins-esque.

20 Р40 seconds: Using a brow powder (or non sparkly eye shadow) a shade lighter than your hair and your angled brush, fill in the gaps in your brows, making sure to follow the natural arch. The Mac palette I use also has a

40 – 60 seconds: Lastly, add a touch of brow gel with your fingers to keep your brows in shape all day.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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