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How To: Wrap A Bouquet

My DIY Mar 24, 2015

How To Wrap A Bouquet

Hello Spring! Doesn’t it feel good? If there ever was a time to give your friend/loved one/host/meme addicted cat a bunch of flowers it’s now. And for those of you unable (or perhaps unwilling) to part with large chunks of change at the florists for an arrangement that will last, luckily you can totally do it yourself. Just pick up a $5.99 bunch from the supermarket or farmers market and wrap them yourself! Essentially with a little elbow grease and love, you get all the back for your buck, without actually needing to park with that many bucks.

How To Wrap A Bouquet

You need:

  • a bunch of flowers
  • paper towels and some water
  • cling wrap
  • wrapping paper

How to:

1. Trim the stems to a consistent length.

2. Now for the little florists trick that will keep these babies fresh for days. Take a piece of cling film and lay it on the table, add some paper towel on top and then wet it with some water. Then, wrap this into a little parcel around the ends of the flowers.

3. Start wrapping the bouquet in the tissue paper, starting in the bottom corner and wrapping around.

4. Wrap with another layer, folding the bottom around to create a

5. Tie a bow with some twine!


For more floral projects check out here, here and here.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Tags flowers

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