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Dressing For The Changing Seasons

How to wear it Apr 3, 2015

Dressing For The Changing Seasons

Happy Easter guys! I’m thoroughly enjoying slipping into the Spring, as the weather slowly changes here in Hong Kong and we get the first glimpses of what will hopefully be an epic (cue alpha male fist pump) summer. However, as of next week, I’ll be heading to Sydney where naturally the weather is slowly moving in the other direction. The trans-seasons, those months where you’ve got one foot in winter and one in summer (something that varies widely depending on where you live), can be tricky from a packing/dressing perspective, and I know for some it’s a dreaded time of year. It was for me for a while, I hated the feeling of being too hot or too cold when I didn’t predict that day’s weather properly. But over the last few years I’ve begun to revel in the opportunity to pair my favourite summer pieces, with a few cosy winter ones. The key for me is about two things, number one: balance – mixing say a mini skirt with ankle boots and a knit, or a heavy woollen scarf with a lighter dress and number two: layers – being able to add and take away items is key when the weather is uncertain. Now I wish it was the trans-season all year round. Time to move again I think! See more of these these outfits over at Witchery here.

Wearing: pieces by Witchery

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

And to celebrate the kinda descent into summer (although that get’s turned on it’s head next week), I’ve given my hair a refresh – thanks to Teddy and Andy at the PrivateI Salon in the Four Seasons. Highly recommend them!

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