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Gift Idea: Succulent Gift Box

Inspiration Apr 27, 2015

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, chances are you’re wracking your brain for something special to give yo mamma. As you can probably guess, I’m all about simple gifts that have loads of wow factor – bang for buck as such. And what’s easier, and more exciting, than a box of succulents? Simply grab yourself a nice box and fill with a few of your favourite spiky friends, and make sure to mix up the types! The best part is with these you don’t have to have a green thumb to grow these on your (or your mum’s) windowsill. If you’re lucky she might just let you take one home with you. 🙂

And for all you succulent lovers out there, stay tuned for a few more succulent posts coming in the next few weeks!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Tags Gifts indoor plants

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