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Packing: How To Plan Your Outfits In Advance

My DIY Apr 13, 2015

How To Plan Your Outfits In Advance

Greetings from down under guys! I’m excited to be heading to Australian Fashion Week this week – checking out new collections and catching up with old friends. As you can imagine, it’s always a bit of prep to decide what to wear (and thus pack) when going to these weeklong events, particularly when you like to DIY big parts of your outfit which then takes even more time. Although in the past I’ve had a bit of a ‘throw it all in and see’ attitude to packing outfits, I recently worked out this usually meant I packed way too much and ended up not wearing a large portion of it. Now I’m all about outfit planning in advance – there’s still flexibility in what I wear but at least I don’t find myself running to the shops because I don’t have a vital piece! Luckily this process works just as well for your summer trip as it does for Fashion Week.

How To Plan Your Outfits In Advance

Work out how many outfits you need – Although I have a tendency to want to take everything just to be safe, in reality you need far less than you think. Absolute maximum in my opinion when packing is  one to two looks per day, for this trip to Australia I only packed around 12 looks in total, given I am here for 9 days. You’ll want to know what events you have, and once you have a look for each of them you can add another one (or two max!) for each day. However, don’t pack 12 complete looks – rather try to create multiple looks from the same set of pieces.

Research your looks – I like to make a secret pinterest board titled with the event, and start saving off inspiration well in advance. I think about what things I’ll be doing, night/day activities, and start searching around on Pinterest, saving as I go. Other people’s style boards can be useful as a place with inspiration where the work has already been done for you.

Buy any key pieces – You want to invest your money in pieces that are going to pull together all your existing clothes and update them to feel new and fresh, so make a list early of the things you think you might need to buy and take your time – a crazy frantic run into the shops can often lead to bad purchasing decisions and items that aren’t flexible enough.

Choose versatile accessories – When you’re travelling, whether it be for work or play, accessories like bags and shoes can be the most heavy and cumbersome, so try to choose outfits that can utilise the same few sets to accessories. I go for a tan set (tan bag and flats) and a black set, but you can choose any colour way that suits you.

Do some flat lays – I love to lay or hang items out on the bed to understand what goes together, and swap and change things to see if there are options I hadn’t thought of.

Do any DIYs – Being crafty, I like to make a few items here and there, usually with each outfit having some DIYed element. I use

Try on your outfits – If you have time, before you pack your bags make sure to try on any outfits, sometimes you’ll find that yoour outfit doesn’t hit the mark like you thought it would, so make sure to try it on because you pack!

Take Photos – Once you feel like you’ve nailed your outfits (good on you!), take some snaps of them whether it be on or as a flat lay, then you can refer to them over the course of your trip – how good is it not having to think about what you’re going to wear tonight and wondering if it will work or not!

In my suitcase: Coach Bag, DIY Jeans, Witchery Top, DIY Khaki Midi Skirt, DIY denim skirt, DIY grommet top, Zara top, J Crew Flats. Outfits and tutorials coming soon.

To celebrate my own type of fashion, this Fashion Week I’ll be wearing and sharing a few of my favourite recent DIY tutorials – so stay tuned to my instagram and the hashtag #diyfashionweek to see more of the projects!

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