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Wardrobe Rehab: Three Ways To Wear A Grey Marl Tee

How to wear it Apr 24, 2015

Three Ways To Wear A Grey Marl Tee

Stumped on what grey marl actually is? I was too. The first dictionary definition I found said ‘rockĀ consisting of lime and clay’, so yeah not that, but the second definition was more on the money – ‘fabric that has paleĀ threads running through another colour’ – in this case white threads through grey fabric. In fact, it turns out the formerĀ is actually the inspiration for the name of the latter (see proof here). Who knew? Although you may be thinking who cares, to me it’s important becauseĀ it’s that small variation between plain grey fabric and grey marl fabric that makes all the difference – the lightly speckled or heathered nature of marl that givesĀ it a visual softness, kind of makes me think of cosy days in bed and VSCOcam approvedĀ coffees on marble tables. Come to think about it – everything I love about marl I actually love about marble.

Anyway, as we cruise on into the weekend I thought I would share with you a few very ‘schools out’Ā appropriate outfits, incorporating none other than the grey marl tee. The team over at Grana have just created their own version of this iconic style, and I have to say I’m a big fan based on softness and sheer versatility. They’re also completely fashion week approved! AndĀ did I mention they’re affordable? Read on for a few weekend outfit ideas. Happy Friday!

Three Ways To Wear A Grey Marl Tee

Outfit 1Taking a lazy outfit up a notch with some leather and a pair of pumps.

Wearing: Grana grey tee, J Crew Jacket, DIYed leather mini skirt, Celine bag (I caved!), J crew pumps, Nick Campbell sunglasses.

Outfit 2Add a touch of ‘I’ve totally read that how to be Parisian book’ with a pair of ballet flats. Then drink black coffee and smoke cigarettes all weekend (jks!).

Wearing: Grana grey tee, Zulu & Zephyr shorts, Repetto flats, Crappy aviators from Thailand (probably more harm than good on my poor eyeballs).

Outfit 3 –Ā Keep it simple with raw hemsĀ and blue denim, and a touch of tan for good measure. Although LBH, heels are a wishful thinking come the weekend.

Wearing: Grana grey tee, Witchery jeans (with a few DIY updates), Zara heels, J Crew bag, AG jeans denim jacket, Nick Campbell sunglasses.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

This post is in collaboration with Grana.

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