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Studio Project: DIY Memory Desk

DIY Projects May 4, 2015

DIY Memory Desk

In most offices, Monday starts with a team meeting. Right? But instead of it just being a terrifying hour of what everyone needs to do this week (where most people are distracted working out just how many overtime hours they will have to do), in the studio we decided to make it a little more fun, where instead of straight away plunging into our lists and not seeing the wood for the trees, do a little brainstorming and mind mapping at the start of each Monday meeting. Kind of an imagspiration (yep, made that word up) session. An opportunity to inspire each other with pictures and concepts that cropped up since the last meeting. Which is wherrrrreee this memory desk has come in handy. I first stumbled upon the idea on Pinterest and knew it would be something I would have to create one day. Let’s just say it wasn’t too hard to throw together! My slightly haphazard version that is. I can also imagine this would be a great idea for dinner/wedding tables, where people could write messages and thoughts as they ate!

Before I dive into the project I want to introduce you to Ollie, our little new adopted buddy. I can’t tell you how much work it’s been having a puppy but so with it for al the love you get in return! (And mangled bras).

DIY Memory Desk

You need: 

  • 2 pieces of Copper Piping
  • 2 lengths of Rope
  • A roll of paper (this is from the kids department in Ikea)

How to

1. Cut the pipe to the width of the table (or less) and then your rope to around 2m (2.2 yards) each. Then, run the rope through the length of pipe. Do this for both lengths of pipe.

2. Add the paper onto one of the pieces of the copper pipe. (make sure to keep the rope away from your new puppy!).

3. Tie the rope/pipe onto the table on each side (one side will have the roll of paper). Ours was a trestle style so we could just tie it onto the legs. Then, run the paper along the surface of the table, and then start rolling it onto the empty piece of pipe.


The purpose of this desk is that you can jot down your list or major brain waves and then wind the paper so you can hold onto them forever. Love!

In other studio related new, as part of a relaunch of the blog we’re currently looking for people to join the team! If you’re a photographer, blogger, content creator or anything like that and are based in Hong Kong, feel free to get in touch! Send your resume to geneva {at} apairandasparediy {dot} com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Tags desk organisation

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