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Quick DIY: Lace Up Pointed Flats

DIY Style Jun 15, 2015

DIY Lace Up Pointed Flats

We’ve all got so much on our plates these days (Pinterest! GOT Finalies! Stalking people on Insta!), that we’ve not got a lot of craft time up our sleeves, right? And so when it comes to a DIY, I’m all about bang for buck. I want the outcome to be ‘where did you buy that’-esque, the costs to be minimal and the time to be not longer than it takes my Food Panda (Hong Kong version of Seamless) to arrive. This pointed pump project ticks all those boxes, and the instructions come to you via video, so you can even give your eyes a little rest from all that pesky reading. These pointed flats (similar to these ones I made recently – but easier) are my own take on the ever Instagrammable┬áversions I’ve been seeing everywhere by the likes of Aquazurra and Louboutin. Enjoy!

Watch the video below, and subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like this.

DIY Lace Up Pointed Flats

You need:

  • Pointed Flats (leather or PU is fine).
  • A multi hole punch tool
  • Cord matching your flats
  • Chalk or pen

How to:

1. Mark where you want your holes to go on the flats, we did one in the middle and two in each side. Do this for both pairs and make sure they’re symmetrical.

2. Use your hole punch to remove a small circle of the fabric or leather where you’ve marked.

3. Cut a piece of twine, ours was 2 metres (2.2 yards), and thread your cord through to lace up your flats.


Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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