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Wardrobe Update: The White Romper

How to wear it Jul 9, 2015

The White Romper

What might have seemed like a passing one season wonder has turned out to be a summer staple for a least 5 years. What originated as a historian undergarment (yep really!), is now pretty much my uniform for a hot summer’s day. Not only are they fun to wear, rompers (or playsuits) are perfect for those of you who are as lazy as me and can’t be bothered finding separates that match when the beach (or bar) is calling. The words ‘resort collection’ come to mind whenever I wear mine – I’m transported to a tropical destination and memories of days spent at the beach – even when I’m stuck in the city on the way to the studio or a meeting (although, to be fair, I generally wear more clothes to most meetings…).

Although they can seem scary if you’re new to the romper game, I promise you can pull one off. It’s all about finding the right look and fit for you. Read on for my tips on how to find and wear your next capsule wardrobe piece – the white romper.

Wearing: Spell Designs Playsuit , J Crew Bag, Daniel Wellington Watch, Market hat, Ray Ban sunglasses

Wardrobe Update: The White Romper

Choose the right fit

The playsuit is meant to bring to mind casual days on a tropical island, which is why I like to stick to ones that are floaty rather than tight. A design that has a drawstring at the waist will give you shape without giving everything away, and also lengthen your legs (at least, it will look that way)!

Torso to leg ratio

Torso to leg ratio is an important consideration when choosing the right fit for your body type. For those of you with long torsos, you’re going to want to choose a design with some flexibility, like adjustable shoulder straps or a looser fit. Make sure the waist of the romper actually sits on your waist otherwise, keep looking.

Versatile vs vibrant

Although I’m a huge fan of fun prints, choosing a block colour will make your romper infinitely more wearable. For your first foray into romper-dom, go with white or black for versatilities sake. Once you’re a romper convert, pretty floral prints are perfect for summer shin digs like weddings or long lunches.

Consider your exit strategy

Make sure you can get it on and off easily. Going to the toilet isn’t as dire as romper haters make it out to be – unless of course you struggle to get in and out of it. A c-word to consider when wearing a romper is CAMELTOE! Tugging at it all day is not comfortable so if it rides up, just don’t go there. Often picking a low loose crotch (like the one I’m wearing) is a great option if you find you have this problem.

Keep it simple

When in doubt, go for a simple style with not too much going on. You can always accessorise it later. Although, in my books a lace style is always a winner!

If you’re looking to get your hands on something like this for summer (do it!) we’ve chosen a few for you. This Clove one is gorgeous, and this Asos one is a good budget option, this Topshop one has a bit of length in the legs for a more refined look, this Vero Moda one is almost the same as the one I have on. This Saylor one has the cutest back, whilst this Cameo one is perfectly minimalist for evenings, and this Stone Cold Fox one is off the shoulder perfection. If you’re feeling flash, this Zimmermann one is perfect.

Photos by Michelle Tng

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