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What To Wear On The Plane

How to wear it Aug 14, 2015

What To Wear On The Plane

Ahhh the joys of a long haul flight. Who doesn’t love being crammed in a small space for 8+ hours? Let’s just say for many years I dreaded them. However, recently I’ve invested a bit of time and thought in pre-planning for long haul flights – a truckload in fact. And can I say I feel like I’ve (kinda) got it down to a fine art? When it comes to what to wear, there’s always that eternal struggle between wanting to look presentable when you get on and off the flight, and feeling super cosy and comfortable when you’re onboard so you can snooze.

To celebrate the release of Grana‘s gorgeous new line of Mongolian Cashmere Sweaters, I thought I would walk you through the serious business of dressing for the plane. Not only are Grana’s sweaters so soft they make you feel like you’re wrapped in a cocoon, they’re actually affordable (100% cashmere coming in at under a hundred bucks – what?!), making them the perfect centrepiece of your next flight outfit. With a little help from Grana, you can make 9 hours in the middle back row feel like you’re up the very front of the pointy end of the plane (sans champagne – but you can always byo?).

What To Wear On The Plane

Transition your outfit

Number. One. Tip. Changing from your travel outfit into your plane digs is absolutely key. And so obvious – don’t hate me for saying so.  I always get changed once I’m on the plane but you can also use a bathroom in the departure lounge once you’re through security – especially if you get claustrophobic in the tiny plane bathrooms.

Keep it Simple

Yep, we all agree changing is key. The issue is, however, how to minimise how much stuff you have to take on board with you – taking a whole other outfit can be bulky, and you want to reduce the weight of your hand bag. The trick is to wear an outfit to the airport that requires the least things to be changed in order to be sleep ready. I’ve found that by pairing jeans with a boyfriend cashmere sweater, you can simply swap to leggings or track pants when you’re ready to get cosy. I’m all about grey marl (in an attempt to channel a sleeping koala) but the navy, olive or charcoal styles would be just a perfectly minimalist (and snooze appropriate).

Consider Underwear

In the same way I exit from my bra as soon as I get home (see yaaaaa), when I’m on the plane I want to be comfortable in the underwear department.  I would totally go  ans bra if that was acceptable, but I’ve found a simple little lace one is comfortable without being can I say…. floppy?

Go for warm and breathable

When flying you’ll be sometimes hot, sometimes cold and just generally often a little uncomfortable. What you need, therefore, are fabrics that are both warm and breathable. Go for high quality natural ones like cashmere and cotton rather than polyester or lycra. Grana’s cashmere is straight from the hills of Mongolia so you know you’ll be comfortable – not to hot or too cold. I also usually pack in  my bag my green parka, which works as either a jacket, blanket or head cover.

Simple footwear

I’m all about shoes that are comfy for schelpping to and from the airport, but easily slipped on and off for the times when you need to pop to the toilet on the plane. My secret? Buy a cheap pair in a size too big so you don’t have to remove your chunky socks on mid snooze toilet expeditions.

Accessorise well

You won’t be needing that statement jewellery, but you will be needing a nice lightweight eye mask, a big pair of snuggly socks, some noise cancelling headphones (if budget allows) and a big blanket scarf to wrap around you like a mummy. Stit back, relax and channel first class.

Make the final swap

Towards the end of the flight I do a switcheroo back into my jeans, and also throw on a fresh silk tank or tee. A lightweight piece like that doesn’t take up too much room and you’ll be so incredibly happy with both feet on the ground and a nice clean top on your body.

The DIY bralette certainly comes in handy on flights 🙂

This is my usual plane attire after I’ve done a superman swap in the bathrooms- naturally I’ll add some big chunky socks and a blanket scarf. Ready for snooze town!

Photos by Bryant Lee

This post is in collaboration with Grana

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