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4 Ways To Tie A Neck Scarf

DIY Style Sep 17, 2015

Ways To Tie A Neck Scarf

By far the easiest trend of the season to recreate yourself is a simple bandana or neck scarf. After taking a peek¬†at the streets of NYFW (currently flooded with fashun kids in all their finery), you can see that it’s not a trend that’s going away, which is great because you can find neck scarves pretty much anywhere, from high end like this Coach one to low low low end like the ones I bought in Florence for 2 euros each (they were advertised as 2.50 each but I drive a way hard bargain, ya know?). You can even make one out of a piece of fabric if you’re so inclined. I mainly love how versatile a neck scarf is in updating your look,¬†with different ways to tie it suiting various outfits and styles. We thought we would share with you 4 ideas for how to tie your scarf. Enjoy!

Wearing: Coach Neck Scarf, Skirt and Bag, sneakers bought in a market, Ray Ban sunglasses, Witchery t-shirt.

4 Ways To Tie A Neck Scarf

First thing’s first, you need to fold your scarf properly. Most neck scarves are square, and make the whole folding and tying process easier, so try to get your hands on one of these. You could easily just bunch it up and tie it around your neck, but we found that the fold gives you much sleeker look and more elegant knots. The fold we think works best is where you fold the two halves of the scarf in towards the middle.¬†To do this, fold both corners into the middle in half, and then continue to do this until the scarf has reached your desired thickness.

4 Ways to tie a Neck Scarf

The Double Wrap

How to: Centre the middle of the scarf on the back if your neck and then wrap once the whole way around your neck, coming together in the front for a second wrap. Tie in a small double knot.

The Choker

How to: For the one you wrap from end to end around your neck. Start with one end on your neck, and wrap around it with the rest of the scarf. Finish it off by tucking the remaining end of the scarf under to secure.

The Cowboy

How to: Forgo the detailed fold this time and simply fold the scarf in half. Tie it at the back of your neck and voila! Separate the two points out for a more relaxed look.

The Single Wrap

How to: By far the easiest (and most obvious) option, simply tie this around your neck and do a double know to a bow.

If you’re loving the scarf as much¬†as we¬†are there are¬†plenty of other ways to use it in your outfit – tie it around your wrist, tie it to your bag (wrap your handle with it!), tie it in your hair. My personal favourite way to wear it around my neck is either the double wrap or the choker, both are a bit more sleek and a little less western than other options.

Do you have any favourite or other options for wearing yours? Love to hear!

This post is in collaboration with Coach. Photos by Bryant Lee

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