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A Quick Guide To Designing The Perfect Flower Bouquet

Plants Sep 11, 2015

Guide To Designing the Perfect Flower Bouquet

You’re probably all familiar by now with my penchant for buying inexpensive bunches of flowers and up cycling them into pretty bouquets and arrangements. Kinda like what I do with dresses from my local thrift store but with a longer shelf life. If you’ve been following along you’ll know how to wrap a bouquet so it looks pretty and will last, so I thought it would be fun to impart a few more floral tricks of the trade I’ve picked up from the experts, so you can take your DIY home bouquets and arrangements to a whole new level!

As part of the Club Monaco Market that is happening this weekend in Hong Kong’s IFC mall, we got together to design a few different pretty bouquets that will be given out during the event. I worked with Hong Kong’s Roccoco Florists in the studio who taught me all their  secrets for the perfect arrangements and bouquets, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Here’s to more actually-$10-but-looks-$200 bouquets!

Guide To Designing the Perfect Flower Bouquet

Decide on a theme

Before you head down to your local flower market and fight it out with the other rabid shoppers, take a moment to think about a theme you may want to go with your your arrangement. Although this may largely be about what flowers and greenery you can get your hands on, a bit of pre-thought about what you want it to convey is a great idea – what is it for? where will it sit? For the Club Monaco bouquets we wanted to go with soft and feminine, but you go for bright and bold, cool and wintery or inspired by an event or place.

Pick a flower colour palette

In line with your theme, you’ll want to pick a colour palette when you’re out shopping for flowers. Because we wanted to go with something soft and feminine we chose light colours like soft pinks, whites and lilacs. Another palette I really like which is a little more bold is the one we used for the DIY pineapple vases in the studio, bright oranges, burgundy and lilac. It had a slight mexican vibe which I think was quite fun and worked with the rugs and decor in the studio. When pairing your colours think about what the main colour will be and add lighter and dark colours to complement it, or go for a single colour for the flowers and complement it with different types of flowers.

Consider the foliage

Foliage adds texture, shape and proportion to a bouquet or arrangement – basically it takes it from home made to professional. Choose a few different types of greenery that work with the colour palette – brighter if going with bold flowers or softer if you’re choosing lighter flowers. Whilst in the past I’ve only used one type of greenery, I found out that the more greenery you have within the bouquet the more professional it will look – if that’s what you after. The eucalyptus leaves and wax flowers we used created some nice balance for the feminine colours we chose for the flowers.

Think about texture

When pairing the flowers and greenery together, this about creating different textures within the bouquet or arrangement. What you want is a few different textures when it comes to size of the flowers and greenery, so the eye is drawn around, but you also want them to transition from flower to flower well. Pairing greenery as well as small and larger flowers together will help create that balance.

Choose the right supporting components

Make sure your other components – such as a vase, paper of whatever you are putting it in is complimentary to the arrangement. What you are looking for here is balance, a nice touch that doesn’t overpower or detract from the overall feel. We chose a simple brown paper for our arrangement because we felt it worked well with  the light feminine flowers, without being too girly. I love a simple paper always.

Make sure to stop by the Club Monaco Market in the IFC Atrium this weekend (12th and 13th of Sept) for yummy treats, floral bouquets, rare books and personalised stationary! 

Photos by Bryant Lee

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