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Hong Kong Travel Guide: Night Life

Travel Sep 14, 2015

Hong Kong Travel Guide: Night Life

Hong Kong knows how to party, and does so visibly and noisily with absolutely no reservations. If you’re wanting a big night out (or two…) you will not be disappointed. From British style pubs to speakeasy cocktail lounges, stunning roof top bars to underground karaoke spots, HK is notorious for its party scene. What people don’t expect is how stunning the city is when the sun goes down. If you need a night off from partying and want to do something wholesome or even a bit romantic there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Hong Kong after dark. In the 5th post on my series about this crazy city, I’ll be walking you through all my favourite things to do by night in Hong Kong. Enjoy!

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The view from Ozone Bar

Twilight in Wan Chai

Evening drinks at The Pawn

The sun setting on the harbour.

So much colour and light in Hong Kong at night!

Don’t forget to check out the evening markets!

Stopping in at Stone Nullah Tavern

The evening streets

Never enough time to eat all the things in HK

Hong Kong Travel Guide: Night Life

Temple Street Markets

You could spend weeks exploring all the market’s in Hong Kong (and believe me I have), but if you want the typi- cal Chinese night market experience head to the Temple Street Markets. At dusk the streets come alive with stalls full of trinkets, tea sets, antiques and electronics. As well as herbalists, fortune tellers and Opera singers! Best between 7 and 10pm and on every night – perfect for slotting in around other evening plans.

Symphony of Lights

The world’s largest permanent light and sound show and one of those things you just have to see as a tourist. Every night at 8pm 45 of Hong Kong’s major buildings on both sides of the harbour are lit up in a spectacular display of coordinated lights. The best spots to watch are from Ozone Bar at the top of the ICC building, or from a viewing platform up The Peak on the Hong Kong Island side.

For the hands down best view of Hong Kong at night take a night cruise around the Victoria Harbour. Aqua Luna run 45min boat cruises that are timed perfectly to coincide with the Symphony of Lights. Super special and just a little bit Romantic.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

You’ve probably taken a look at my eating guide, but my picks in particular for evening include 121 BC (sister of the popular wine bar in Sydney), Stone Nullah Tavern (great Wan Chai Bar and eatery – design by my boyfriend!), 001 (hidden in Central’s wetmarkets), Sevva (an oldie but a goodie with a great view of the light show) and Duddells (rooftop jungle).

The Night Races
The best way to spend a Wednesday night! Just $10HK to enter and always an exciting and electric atmosphere. The race track is surrounded by the sky rise buildings of Causeway Bay so even without the horses it is a spectac- ular sight. Just don’t expect to see any fascinators. Horse racing in Hong Kong focuses on the important things like cheap beer, music and gambling, not getting dressed up and sipping Pims.

Quiet night in – have a foot massage

The best thing about night time in Hong Kong is that it’s the Asian city that never sleeps, so pretty much any- thing that you would normally do in the day you can do here at night time. After all the partying and adventur- ing and tourist-ing your poor feet will need some TLC! I really enjoy the reflexology treatment at Happy Foot and they are open until 2am!

Shop ’til you drop

Hong Kong opens late and closes late, which means you can shop up a storm during the evening on any given night of the week. Soak in the chaotic atmosphere of Causeway Bay during the evenings, it’s not something you’ll need to do every night but it’s work it for the pure number of people out and about.

Stay out all night

For those of you who like to burn the midnight oil, Hong Kong has plenty of places worth hanging out in the early hours. If you feel so inclined the areas of Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai are somewhere you’ll find a crowd enjoying a beverage on the streets (and when I say beverage, I mean jello shots), rain, hail or shine. My pick for a late night is either Stockton or Neo, for a somewhat more relaxed mood.

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